Alan and Caroline Bean


Have you the business you deserve?

It can be hard to build a business and sometimes its the little things that can change your whole business. A word or a phrase, a way of working or simply a system of how to work can make the difference between success and failure. 

Perhaps you have struggled to get business leads, or maybe you find when you get leads, you struggle to convert them to customers or reps?

Let us help you, we have been there….



So who are Alan and Caroline?

Alan and Caroline are proud parents of 4 children, soon to be 5.

Having worked in Network Marketing since the late 90’s, they have seen the development from a misunderstood industry, to an industry now recognised as one of the best ways to build a successful business in the world today.

Having been trained by some of the worlds industry leaders, they have built a business from nothing

Alan comes from being a financial consultant. When face to face financial consultants were being cut for online sales. Alan was one of those who left the industry. At this same time Caroline was training to go into nursing. She was hit with an illness meaning she had to leave the course. This meant their income dropped significantly. After recovering Caroline and Alan decided to start a family, which not only meant taking any work option available but also creating an additional income to help with their soon to arrive, first baby.

This was their first entry into work from home opportunity. This particular one wasn’t for them, but it taught them a lot. During the years that followed, they joined a number of other network marketing businesses, with varying degrees of success. At one point they even opened a high street shop. It was when this shop was running, they first heard of the company that was to change their lives.

People in Network Marketing often end up being involved in many companies before they finally they find the company that takes them to the next level and builds them the success they deserve. This is the case for Alan and Caroline, and also for a few of the mentors.

Since those early days, they have continued to build a strong business.