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Blog Content – How and where to get it

One of the biggest problems people face with building a blog is what to say. It can be the stumbling block that stops people going further in their MLM Network Marketing business.

There are a few ways to grow your blog, but the simplest one is discussed in the video, and that is I L T .


What is I L T for Blog Content

I was first introduced to this idea of ILT by Ray Higdon, who some may be aware of. So here is what it means

The Letter I

I stands for invest. The first step in your business is to invest in yourself. This means attending meetings, webinars, podcasts, watching videos and reading books. The top people in MLM Network Marketing create blog content firstly by learning. By investing in yourself not only are you moving towards a better business and blog content, but you are becoming the authority in business you want to be. By doing so you will pull people to your blog.

The Letter L

And that brings us on to the next letter in building blog content, L.
L stands for learning, so you have all this webinars, meetings etc, plus you have bought books to learn from. So learn. Make yourself better

The Letter T

Then you TEACH, the letter T. You have now got lots of blog content, enough to build your business.
Obviously, this is assuming you have somewhere to get this contact, if not and you need
By following these simple steps, there is never a reason to not have content, the link above almost guarantees content for the next 5 years, if they never did anything else, as well as helping you make more money.

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