OPT-IN – What you need in your blog to build your business


This post is not about content, but about how to get people to connect/subscribe or opt-in to connecting with you

Sure, you need good content and lots of it, but that will not get people to connect with you. People can visit your site, then leave and never find you again. If you do a Google or Bing search for a blog, it will bring up over 5 billion entries. You need something to draw them back to you

These 5 steps will mean you don’t miss out

1 Opt-In in Content – Call to Action Every Time

Your content is, as I have already said, massively Important. But that’s the first step. You need a call to action. Simply put, it is a direction for the reader to do something. By putting that at the end of the post, you know the person has read your post, and give them the opportunity to get more information. This is usually a subscribe / opt-in link but can be an offer link

2 Opt-In Offer

your opt-in offer is something to entice someone to register with you. These have to be something that will help them. Offering them a link to a cookbook isn’t going to help them unless their business involves cookery.

3 Side Bar Opt-In

You want the reader to have the ability to opt-in on any page they are on. Its all well and good to have an opt-in page on the first page, but if you are reading a blog, you don’t want to have to search for a page to opt-in with. That’s why you make sure its available in as many pages as you can

4 Banners

Banners are advertisements which can be for products you are an affiliate of like I have. Or it can be information. Why do you have something different? well, you don’t have to, banners just create some more interest in your blog, that’s all. Another reason people come back, plus if your an affiliate, may even produce an income for you.

5 PS Line

The ps line is where you can remind them to share, like and comment. You will notice I always include my photo, so it comes across more personal. I do personally read every comment, as I am sure you would. so tell them.