What Is Attraction Marketing And The Secrets You Need To Know Today

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What is Attraction Marketing?

There are so many ways to market your business, but the best by far is Attraction Marketing, but most people don’t know what is attraction marketing.

Attraction Marketing is the best way to build your business but as a tool for your marketing and prospecting. So what is attraction marketing, well it is attracting people to you. You give and in return, people start to follow you. This may lead to some contacting you to work with you.

How to use Attraction Marketing

The first thing you need to understand is that you need 2 elements, a blog and an autoresponder. These are the only things you can actually own on the internet. When using the likes of social media, Facebook can change its rules, and close your account, but your Blog and your list of followers are yours.

By giving out help to others, you will find that people will follow you. By giving help, people are drawn to you and occasionally will connect with you. You are in essence, building rapport with people reading your blog

Attraction Marketing Techniques

What is attraction marketing techniques, well like every way of marketing, there are certain things that work, and ones that don’t. The first of the attraction marketing techniques which you need to follow is to never discuss your company. This is probably one of the biggest secrets you need to know. With attraction marketing, you are not selling what you do, but helping others. The second thing you need to do is have a blog, and have all the things you do aim back to it. If you write a post, and talk about it on Facebook, people need to be connecting with that post and then subscribing to you.


Attraction Marketing Strategies

What is attraction marketing strategies? Attraction marketing strategies are how you take your blog from just putting content out, to making it a business. The problem people have with blogs is most make no money. That is because they have not planned any attraction marketing strategies to make it a business, not a hobby. The first one is to have a way for you to connect with them, the autoresponder. The second is to have a way to earn, while your blog is still growing. On average a blog takes over a month of daily posts before you get noticed. The way to do this is with affiliate marketing, having products that can generate income for you, even if, like some I have listed, are only going to be a few dollars, or pounds. To see what I mean, and how you can give things away, yet still generate an income, visit our Products page.

Attraction Marketing Online

What is attraction marketing online? Well, that is again your blog, but then feeding other things to it. Remember your blog and your list (autoresponder) are all you own online. So when using attraction marketing online, you need to also consider Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. as they are where you will put links to your posts, so people come to your blog. Attraction marketing online can be done fairly quickly, but to generate what you need, leads, its best to spend the time each day until you get it right.

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  1. Great Article. Attraction marketing is definitely the way to market yourself and your business. Thanks for posting.

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