Mindset For Success – Your Route To That Dream Lifestyle You Want

Mindset For Success and You

First of all please be aware, this isn’t a normal post. This is something Unique. The video at the bottom will explain a lot, but first, let me run through a few things.

If you have read the about me section you will have seen I have had some experience of Network Marketing, and that my Job experience was from financial planning, and then hypnotherapy. Part of the hypnotherapy work I was involved with was how to change the Mindset of people. Many people would come to me with a fixed mindset. A fixed Mindset for a smoker, for someone, addicted to gambling. A fixed Mindset can block someone’s life in so many ways, especially when they are wanting to change their Mindset for success in their problem.

One part of learning Hypnotherapy is understanding these fixed mindset problems, and how to change the mindset of people

Mindset success coaching often involves using techniques designed to initially compare a growth mindset vs fixed mindset. The fixed mindset is seen as a negative aspect, which works for some, but not others.

People are individual, and that’s why affirmations were created. If you have interest in that, have a look at yesterdays post, where I give you some hints and tips on them, as well as examples.

Further Study

However, after further study, an understanding of the mind, and how it works, has become deeper. So has how to improve the mindset for success. Without giving much away, as I really want you to watch the video, what I am discussing is supercharging the mindset for success, to a level affirmations don’t cover. I still suggest using affirmations, as they work. What I am going to cover is the next step. Something to do with your affirmations, but different, and perfectly suited for network marketing.

Anyway, please watch this video on mindset for success, all the way to the end, as I am asking a few questions on it. I hope you enjoy

I hope that you enjoyed this post on mindset for success, and have watched the video. Hopefully you are interested in finding out more. If it did stir your interest, I would appreciate you sharing this post on Facebook etc, and commenting below

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28 comments on Mindset For Success – Your Route To That Dream Lifestyle You Want

  1. Very interesting, Alan! You definitely have piqued my curiosity! Sounds like a course that I might be interested in, and I like that it sounds like a new way of approaching mindset.

    1. I think people will love it, and see massive success, thanks for commenting

  2. Great video on Mindset training! Thanks for sharing Alan.

  3. Mind set is a key to your future , poor mindset can affect your thinking so that affects your action . Great advice Alan

    1. Thanks Tammy, It is so important, and you will see why in the next post I’m doing, thanks again

  4. Mindset is definitely sooooo important and I seriously don’t think a person can ever stop enriching their mind and experiencing the vast sea of knowledge they possess within themselves. Knowledge is king and self awareness and constantly learning is the one thing we can keep working on that will allow us to be better teachers for those that we can help achieve their own success. Thanks for a great post Alan!

    1. Thanks Diana, I totally agree. As you know I am in the process of launching something special, my next post will cover a little more on it, enjoy and thanks again for commenting

  5. Mindset is a very power thing, and once you have to correct mindset you can do whatever you put your mind to. Great post! Thanks for the value!

    1. Certainly do Shaymar, I have never met anyone successful who hasn’t focused on mindset at some point, Thanks again for commenting

  6. Great article, Having the correct mindset is definitely the key to success. Loved this post. Well done.

  7. Alan, I enjoyed your views from your hypnotherapy professional view point. I incite must of us will never experience.

    1. Thanks for commenting Rob, It does gove incite, as you say, but there is always an answer, and affirmations can help with homeostasis

  8. I love this!! I am a firm believer in having a positive mindset. Also can recommend the mental bank, anyone reading this please find out about it off Alan as you have nothing to lose.

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