Success In MLM, The Awesome Truth Why You Are Struggling To Succeed

Success in MLM can be very difficult

Today is all about why people struggle, plateau and fail in network marketing / MLM. As you will be aware, if you have read recent posts, network marketing success is partially down to mindset. In MLM business, we often forget how individual we all are. Success in MLM isn’t easy, it takes work, and something is trying to stop you achieve it.

Success is Not an Accident

If you read my last few posts, which was all about success in MLM and affirmations, I am launching some new training. It is called The Network Marketing Mental Bank Program. Success in MLM is not guaranteed, but if you know how to do it, and put the work in, it can produce magical incomes and lifestyles. The Network Marketing Mental Bank Program is designed to help you achieve that, as easily as possible. Let’s go through why you need this.

A Few Questions

Before we get started in discussing success in MLM / network marketing and why your not getting it, here’s a few simple questions

  1. Would you like to make more money?
  2. Would you like to be more successful?
  3. Would you like to be happier?

I would imagine you have answered YES to those questions.

So If I could teach you a program which would take 3 minutes a day, and it would deliver those 3 questions, would you take those 3 minutes and do it?

Would You?

If you answered YES – your WRONG !! – You Won’t Do It

Its a very tough thing to do, and while you say you want to be happier, you want success in MLM, or anything and be prosperous,


The Nature Of People

It is part of human nature not to want to change. You need to understand how tough it is to change. Everything about you doesn’t want to change. Change is the toughest thing in the world. I am going to introduce to you, the toughest, most powerful force in human nature. Can you guess what it is?  It is unlikely you have heard of it before, but the scientific name for this force is:-


It is the most powerful force in human nature. It is the enemy of change. You cannot win the battle with Homeostasis unless you first understand the nature of this force. How can you fight something you don’t know is there? How can you work against something you don’t even know or acknowledge. Homeostasis is the innate drive to stay the same.

It’s at every level of you, even the cellular level. If you get too hot, what does your body do? It sweats. If you get cold, it shivers. It is trying to get your body back to normal. It happens automatically. It’s not just a physical thing. It’s everything about us. Its all about the subconscious, and how it works.



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18 comments on Success In MLM, The Awesome Truth Why You Are Struggling To Succeed

  1. What a great way of tying homeostasis to Network Marketing and being successful…. great post Alan… thank you so much for sharing….love the video

  2. Interesting article, especially talking about homeostasis as it’s something I’ve never really thought about in regards to success but it definitely makes sense. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, it effects all our life, but it can be beaten, with time and techniques

  3. Very intriguing Alan. This is probably why everything you read about making changes in your life says it will take at least 30 days of consistent action. Great post and thanks for sharing.

    1. Exactly right, There are a few ways of changing, repetition, major catastrophe in your life or total change in circumstances i.e. having a baby, moving home. But to create massive change, the program is awesome. Thanks for commenting

  4. Love the video again Alan! Learnt new thing to day..Homeostatis..gonna juggling that word for a little while

    1. Its the scientific name for it, and a very real issue when trying to improve yourself. Thanks for commenting

  5. Got to be working on yourself to become the person that’s going to achieve! Great post Alan!

    1. Thank you Cynthia, I’m glad you found it interesting

  6. Great post Alan. As someone with a medical background, I fully understand Homeostasis. (The human body uses homeostasis to remain in a constant state of temperature, chemical balance, and pressure.) I whole heartedly agree that our subconscious mind, will do everything it can, to ensure we stay exactly the same, and this is why change is so difficult.

    1. It certainly does, Affirmations do help, but what I will be covering soon, well that is great at changing it, Thanks again Jeff

  7. LOVE IT!

    Very true and makes a lot of sense.

    Thank you for sharing Alan.

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