Awesome Way to Promote Your Business And Get Unbelievable Results

How you Promote Your Business can severely alter your success

Have you ever wondered why your marketing, and the way you promote your business, seems to get no results?

Maybe you thought the way you promote your business was fine, but that you were in a saturated market?

These are both common issues, but there is a way, which when you promote your business, you get people contacting you.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, this works, and is hardly done in most industries.

Let’s cover what not to do when you Promote Your Business

Almost all small business owners, especially sole traders and network marketers, have issues when marketing. They do it wrong. They have no training on how to promote your business, and not enough understanding on the idea what marketing even means so they spam their links everywhere thinking, spending money on advertising that is ineffective. There are so many people online today, that eventually they will get lucky.

While this is certainly a fact, the truth is most of the people that get turned off by this approach could have been interested in their opportunity if they simply learned the right way to think about marketing.

The 2 Steps to Marketing Success

Get information out there – step 1

Step 1 is to realise is that when you market your business, you need to consider what you’re doing. Are you marketing, (as an example) Red Bicycles to people looking to buy red bicycles? If so, you are making the simplest mistake. You are promoting your business to the 2-5% of people looking to buy a bike, but of that 2-5% may be only 2-5% are looking to buy a red bike. Step one is to provide information, in this example, a post about what to look for when buying a bike might be appropriate. This will then hit the 95 – 98 % of visitors just looking. However when they get to the point of wanting to make a purchase, some will refer to your post on what to look for, they then can connect with you to make a purchase

I would strongly suggest a blog to do this, especially for those in Network Marketing, as it is a lot easier to maintain than a website.

Promote your business for free – step 2

Step 2 is to promote your business post through social media. By doing so you will get more interaction

Using Facebook to promote your business, you will get massive interaction, as well as followers, you are building customers for later. When you promote your business online, use Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus, Instagram etc, as well as Facebook, so that all social media contacts are aware of what you do. Do not stop marketing as this does take time to build, but in time you will get people coming to you. You may have noticed some online shops now give customer reviews of products. This is simply a weaker version of what I’m talking to, and these are well-known companies. They are giving information, which is drawing people to their website. You probably don’t have a few million to promote your business, so by following this process, you can gain the customers you need.

The main benefit of this is cost, secondly, if you do use a blog, you can find posts 5 years after you write them, produce leads.


I hope you have found “Awesome Way to Promote Your Business And Get Unbelievable Results”. Please comment below, I appreciate you doing so, and I do read them personally. Thanks for watching and reading this

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22 comments on Awesome Way to Promote Your Business And Get Unbelievable Results

  1. I really like your Red Bicycle example Alan. We all need to think a little broader instead of being hyper-focused on one thing.

    1. Thanks Sonji, and yes I agree, sometimes out focus isn’t in the best place, and needs to be much wider, Thanks for commenting

    1. Thanks for the comment, I agree totally Linda, its the key to success

    1. Thanks Travis, I appreciate you comment, glad you enjoyed it

  2. Another great informative post Alan! Social Media gives everyone the opportunity to share their value with so many people for free and allows true interaction among the many! Thanks for your post

  3. I agree Alan , if you market the right way on SM you can attract the right people. Good post

    1. Thanks for commenting, Social media is a fantastic tool to use, but it does take time to be good at it. I’m sure with what we have, you will soon be a star at it

    1. Thanks Dr Lisa
      Its always good to get comments like that

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