Social Media Network Marketing Tactics You Need To Know Today

 Effective Social Media Network Marketing Tactics

In today’s post, I am going to cover social media network marketing, and you will get my 4 of the very best Social Media Network Marketing tactics, and some of my best social media marketing ideas for building your business…

If you’re in Network Marketing / MLM or direct sales, you will probably have most of your team are on Facebook, as well as many other social media sites. The first thing you must do is make sure you and they are doing it right!


The first question must be, should you bother with social media network marketing campaigns, or social media at all, for that matter?

Well, I would suggest that when you look at it, less than 1% of people aren’t on at least Facebook, and most will have accounts in at least 2 other social media sites.

The next time you are at your company event why not ask around to see who uses Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.

When we talk about Social Media Network Marketing, it is essential you learn and understand, even if only to teach your team what NOT to do. I am going to cover 4 let social media network marketing tactics and rules of social media marketing as well as helping you get better results with these social media network marketing tactics.

My Key Factors of Social Media Network Marketing

1. I would say, out of 100 posts, less than 5 should be linked directly to a sales page or even a capture page. Unfortunately, too many people think social media network marketing is simply about pasting your company page or capture page everywhere you can. They think that the more times you post it, eventually someone, somewhere will become interested, and a lead for you. But the reality of it is you are doing more damage than you realise. Instead of this way of working, choose to create a 2 step approach.

2. The second important tactic to remember is you don’t have to spam to get good results from marketing through social media. The best Social Media network marketing way to approach people, that will work time and time again is to use prospecting as well as marketing when on social media.

3. The next very important item to cover is never put the name of your Network Marketing company on your social media. This is probably the biggest, and certainly, the most important social media network marketing rule that is broken by inexperienced people as well as those with years of experience, just about every minute of the day. So why do I say do not say the name of your company? The answer is simple because it destroys all curiosity and it also does a few things that may cause issues for you.

  1. It means that those who show an interest, can just google it, find something written by competitors that is negative, and they never even tell you they even looked.
  2. Another issue is that it turns potential people off. All the people not interested that in the future might have eventually been interested down the road. Personally, I would suggest not to use team names as they might see someone else from that team, who does tell them or did a while ago.

4. The best bit is something I so strongly believe in. Post regular value. What I do with this is a blog, what you are on right now. I think anyone that wants to achieve major success in any niche should have a blog. People love education and inspiration. Putting value out there is the perfect way to get people reaching out to you and actually deciding they want to hear from you, plus learn what company you are with.

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  1. Great post Alan!
    You cover essential points that everyone should read and implement where appropriate!

    Thanks for sharing Alan

  2. 4 Very key points you cover there Alan and i’m a high believer you should never spam your links across social media all the time . Cheers for that.

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