Business Instagram Tips You Should Be Using Today

These Business Instagram Tips will change your business.

Instagram tips for small business / Network Marketing usually fall into 2 areas, You will usually see Instagram tips for more followers or Instagram tips for beginners. These both miss out on some very important aspects, which I intend to pass onto you now.

Things you need to know when using Instagram

  1. Instagram will ban new users a lot more than existing – the older the account, the more likely they let things through. A new account they monitor a lot
  2. Instagram’s limits they put on your account can differ from another person’s account. They set limits on what they think to suit you personally, not a set rule.
  3. Instagram doesn’t like selfies. Yes its fine to put photos of yourself up, but the typical “selfie” with stupid grins, if you put uploads, especially when new, you can lose your account.
  4. If banned, you cannot resign with that email address.
  5. Don’t post duplicate comments. Some people use programs that comment on hundreds of photos, well this means Instagram will ban you, eventually. Especially if new. There are big risks in using programs for Instagram postings of comments etc.
  6. Put a photo on your profile. This can save your account when they check if your human, or just a program posting every day

Now business Instagram tips on limits you need to know

The average limits are as follows

  1. You can do 1000 likes per day
  2. 250 comments per day
  3. 300 follows per day
  4. 200 unfollows per day
  5. Don’t post more than 50 images in a day

Remember, these are averages, and you could well have lower limits.

When it comes to comments etc, I would suggest that writing 250 in a day is nearly impossible, they are using these limits to search out those using programs, and not using it as a social media app.

My Business Instagram tips on my advised limits per day – My own opinion

  1. No more than 300 likes a day, normally under 200
  2. under 100 comments a day, usually less than 50
  3. Under 150 follows a day, I tend to aim just under half that
  4. Less than 100 unfollows a day. again work on less than half yo follow in a day
  5. Post between 3 and 10 images a day

These limits I say, are so you don’t stand out when they are looking for programs, and to be fair, that’s a lot of work, and may well be far too much for a normal day


Now for some business Instagram tips on how to use Instagram for more followers

  1. One of the simplest, but best of my business Instagram tips is to get to know how to use Instagram for business. Businesses have been flocking to Instagram in droves. In response, Instagram started the Instagram for Business blog, which offers tips, brand spotlights, API examples and news from Instagram HQ.
  2. Balance Fun Images With Pictures From Your Business. You want to post inspiring images, as well as some of normal life, but what you don’t want to do is just have inspiring.
  3. Cultivate a Following. Connect with your Facebook account, use hashtags and like / comment on other peoples photos. Also, make sure your profile has a link to your blog.
  4. Follow Your Followers Back. The people you follow on social networking platforms make all the difference in the world. Curiously, many brands on Instagram (some with very large followings) don’t follow back. Your business is about building relationships, To create strategic relationships on Instagram, find the brands and people you enjoy and can learn from in your followers and follow them back.
  5. Use CrowdFire. This is one of the coolest Business Instagram tips. It is an app for your phone, and also as an extension on Google Chrome, that will see when the most of your followers are online, and remind you to post images then or does it automatically. Also works on Twitter, and can be used for free with everything you need. (Pay for is really when you have multiple accounts)
  6. Borrow images from Pinterest etc using a repost app. These add a note to the bottom of the images stating where you got it from. Most people don’t really notice it, but it means you don’t infringe copywriter . These can be downloaded for free on android and apple.

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    1. Yes, it s strange, but so long as you aren’t silly, your ok. Guess its something to do with Facebook owning them

  1. Great summary Alan. Love that you added your personal guidance as well.

  2. Thank you for these tips Alan! Instagram is a platform that I have a presence on but do not use anywhere near enough! I will be sure to start using it more now!

  3. Instagram is a great way to drive traffic to your website but you point out some great trips Alan . I will be improving my account after reading this post thanks Alan for these trips .

  4. Alan .. Thank you so much for these tips. I’ve actually had an Instagram account for a long time but could never really figure out how to use it plus didn’t take the time to learn it. Your information has renewed my interest …. I know this is a great platform.

    1. So many do miss this, and it can produce some major results, Thanks for commenting

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