Awesome Strategies To Make Goals For The New Year

What are your Goals for the New Year?

Are you ready for the New Year?

Most aren’t I hope you are ready, but if not I wanted to share some of the best strategies I have come across, with you and share some suggestions for new years resolutions as well. If you are, as we are, serious about getting better results than you did last year, no matter what business you’re in, I have included some of the best strategies I have ever come across.

Tips for Setting Goals for the New Year

WHY you didn’t hit your goal last year.

People have patterns, as I am sure you will agree. We all do the same thing over and over again. scratching our heads when we get the same results. I bet last year you were totally fired up to build your business, whatever and by February you were already way off the mark? Maybe you did the same the previous years? Why does this keep happening, you ask yourself?

There are many reasons this could be happening

  1. You don’t have a mentor or accountability partner OR you simply didn’t “hang around the fire” enough. What I mean by hanging around the fire is being around people that lift you up by attending events, and investing time and money in your education. Don’t skip this step, very, very important if you ever want to get different results.
  2. Why do you want what you this? Why is setting your goals for the new year so important? You need to dig deeper than you have before. You need to be able to tap into the actual reason you want to hit those new goals. Why is it? Is it that you want to feel more significant? Or is it you want to prove someone wrong?
  3. What happens if you DON’T hit your goals? The simple reason most people quit is they forget two key things. Firstly forgetting why they started, secondly what the cost of not succeeding is. If you don’t reach your goals this year, what happens? To put it another way, if there is no pain, there’s more than a good chance you won’t have the stomach to get past the tough days, and there are always tough days when your in any business
  4. You need to get specific when setting goals for the New Year. Then you are finally ready to start working on the actual goals for the new year. However, you have to take on a trip through your mind first. Instead of saying “I want to start generating more leads”, be specific. Instead of saying “I want to grow my team”, say “I want to grow my team by XXX”. You need to be prepared to work until” and not fall in the depression vortex if you don’t hit your goal exactly.
  5. Identify your habits you will need to change. The fact is people simply look to their results and then they complain about the size of their team, their lack of money in their bank account etc. You cannot change your results, however, you can only change the habits that created those results you didn’t want from last year. What habits do you want to change this year? Will you spend more time and money in your education? What about you eat better and exercise more? Will you get around to connecting to better mentors? What will your daily routine be?
  6. You’re why is not enough. When setting goals for the New Year, who is more important than why. Who do you want to become? Who is the person you really want to become and why is that so important to you? What will people describe you as the new year? Visualise your hands outstretched in front of you, handing out big cheques to your charity, standing on stage and sharing your story! You need to visualise yourself accomplishing the life you want before it has a chance of happening. Is that your vision? What is your vision? What will your vision be in this New Year?

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24 comments on Awesome Strategies To Make Goals For The New Year

    1. Just spent a few hours on mine, I know what you mean

  1. Great post on how and why people should consider revising their goals to make a change for 2016.

    1. Thanks for commenting Jen, Even the top people revise them each year

  2. Who do you want to become? – Great post Alan, took notes.

  3. Spero che mi venga proposto un buono business facendomi lavorare creandomi un buono guadagno semplice e nessuna spesa da sostenere x mè
    rientrerete sui miei utili in base al mio guadagno , altrimenti annullate tutto.

    1. Sorry, don’t speak Italian and google translator didn’t make much sense of what you put

  4. Thanks for this detailed analysis on what keeps holding body people back from achieving their goals. I advise using the mentor strategy because it’s a great way to get some positive accountability into your life.

    1. It is, for those who have a good upline, that’s fine, for those that don’t, which there are a fair few, one of the best ways is via the link at the bottom of the post, MLSP, thanks for commenting George

    1. A good mentor can help you get much further in your business. Sounds like you have planned well for this year. Thanks for commenting Mark

  5. Great tips here!! Having a vision is so important and it is definitely what helped me to through the bad days. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Such excellent tips!! Making your WHY so big and powerful that you want to cry is huge in setting goals!! Great value again Alan!

  7. Great tips Alan, thanks for sharing this will help a lot of people.Having a why and vision are so important.

  8. Great tips Alan! Thanks! agreed vision is important. Being very clear on your goals with a clear vision that pulls you is a must personally. Happy New Year buddy

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