Beginners Guide To Facebook for Network Marketing, The Simple Steps You Should Know

This Beginners Guide To Facebook is a guide to using Facebook, but a basic, definitely a beginners guide to Facebook, to help you get off the ground. Our free PDF covers much more, if not everything else you need to know. However, I have created this short post as a beginners guide to Facebook for business and a little on advertising, to help you get running.

No matter what industry you are in, this should guide you to a better understanding of what you need. A lot of these points I have covered before, however, as part of my blog series on social media, I felt it was important to recover these simple points. This guide to using Facebook, it is only to be used as a starting point.

Beginners Guide to Facebook for Business

The first points to make when using Facebook for business is to not use your profile for business. Facebook doesn’t like it. It will often close your account. You should use a Fan Page. In this advertising and promoting your business, within certain rules, is fine.

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The second thing you need to be aware of is using your company name in your name. What I mean is something like this… Alan “Amway” Bean. Facebook will shut you down without consideration. The rules for Facebook 2016 are only likely to become stricter

Beginners Guide to Facebook Advertising

Advertising itself is a totally different area, however, I wish to point a few things out. that you need to consider when advertising. There are two ways you can advertise. The first is to advertise directly what you have. The second is attraction marketing. The benefits of using Facebook for either is simple, You can aim your marketing to a certain type of person. You can look at age, interests, and many other aspects. Remember how much information you put into Facebook.

Direct Advertising

This is often done on a cost per click. You create an advert based on what you offer, and everytime someone clicks on it, you pay. There are variations on this like video-based adverts, This is a basic formula that works, f you can afford to spread your advert over a great area, or as per Facebook, can afford a lot of clicks before getting people saying yes.

Attraction Marketing

This is where I suggest your focus should be. It is the newest way of advertising and probably would never have started if it wasn’t for Facebook and other social media. You are not looking at making sales, you are giving information and advertising where you are to get that information, for free. Again this may involve cost per click, but for most, there is little cost involved. You do need a Blog, a place where your content is seen. You then promote this information, to get people following you. After a while, you will get people connecting with you, and asking to join with you.

So why choose Attraction Marketing?

With the older cost per click, you have to constantly feed money into your advertising to build your team, but attraction marketing doesn’t need that. Attraction Marketing works especially well with Facebook and offers extremely low cost. After a short while, people share your content with friends and teammates. It then soon gets to a state where people are searching for you. Now it is important to state this is not a quick way of building a team and does take effort putting content out regularly, but the rewards are a lot bigger and cost a lot less.

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16 comments on Beginners Guide To Facebook for Network Marketing, The Simple Steps You Should Know

    1. Thanks for commenting Leticia, I agree social media is the tool to use

  1. Awesome post guys! very informative. Facebook can be very depressing if you don’t know how to use it. These are great tips to help.

    1. Thanks for saying that April, I know what you men, took us ages to understand the basics (I must admit Caroline was a lot quicker than me)

  2. Hey Alan

    Thanks for sharing this post…

    You certainly provided some great fundamentals for marketers wanting to use Facebook for Network Marketing.

    Couldn’t agree more about using Attraction marketing techniques and providing Value when you create your content.


    1. Thanks for commenting Marc, I made it basic, so that anyone can see what to do, and will see where attraction marketing is useful, which I am with you on that

  3. Great post Alan! I have used a combination of both – paid and attraction marketing. I use paid FB advertising to get likes to my page and then use attraction marketing to get engagement and drive traffic to my blog

    Dr. Lisa

    1. Great system, there is a use for both, and I agree, FB for likes I consider a part of a good attraction marketing system, again building your presence, as opposed to marketing a product or service
      Thanks for commenting Dr Lisa

  4. Alan really enjoyed your post! Awesome fundamentals !

    Attraction marketing is key to longevity !!!

    Thanks Again!


    1. Thank you for commenting. I agree, attraction marketing is definitely the option I choose

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