Why You Should Be Using Pinterest For Marketing

Using Pinterest for marketing should be part of your social media marketing plan.

Pinterest, I used to think, was just some sort of site for swapping cooking tips or fashion ideas.

I saw Caroline looking at craft ideas, and thought this was something that had nothing to do with social media. It was only when watching a webinar with Ray Higdon and Brian Finale that I realised I was missing something Massive.

I am not saying this should e the major part of your marketing strategy, but using Pinterest for marketing can be a clever mover.

Before I go too deep into why I started using Pinterest for marketing, here are some simple facts about Pinterest.

  1. There are currently 100 million active members each month
  2. A total of 176 million registered users
  3. 85% of the users are women (so was I correct thinking it was all about crafts?)
  4. Only 30% use other social media, yes these are people you would miss if you just used Facebook etc.
  5. 12% miss spell Pinterest when searching for it. The most common miss spelling is Pinterest. Pinterest does make sense, but it is Pinning Interests, Pinterest
  6. 67% are under 40
  7. 47% use it every week
  8. 9 million have connected their facebook to Pinterest

Why and How you should be using Pinterest for business

Pinterest is an easy tool to use, and like Facebook, is all about sharing. You can share your blog, images, quotes even videos

Your Pinterest marketing strategy should focus on giving content, promoting yourself doesn’t work here. In the video, I cover the basics of Pinterest Training, but here what you do.

Firstly have a Pinterest share button on your blog, and share every post, but share them into a board within your Pinterest account.

When you have filled in the basics of your Pinterest account, which can be one using your Facebook account, or simply typing the info in.  Then it gives you the option of creating a board. Name it appropriately, have a look at ours if you want to see what we do.

Also, search for similar items, and “pin” them to your profile. This is a one-click thing on Pinterest. On Google and Firefox, you can have a button added to your browser.

If you see anything of interest, pin it.

Keep things to certain boards

People follow you and follow others you feel appropriate. When using Pinterest for marketing, the best way to build a following is by having a range of posts and sharing pins. Those from your blog will link back to your blog, as others will to theirs. It is a matter of sharing.

Don’t worry if what your looking for, I am covering more over the next few weeks

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20 comments on Why You Should Be Using Pinterest For Marketing

  1. Good share Alan. I use Pinterest for all my blog posts and photos for travel. I’m sure I could use it even better so thank you for your post

    1. I know what you mean Lynda, I have only recently realised its power, thanks for commenting Lynda

  2. Great post Alan…. I’m using pinterest on all of my post now and love the bits of extra traffic i’m getting… thanks for sharing this

    1. I have only used it for the last month, and found it a fantastic source, thanks for commenting

  3. I have to admit I’ve had a Pinterest account for some time now but didn’t get into it. It can make a difference in your marketing. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I know what you mean Travis, I was in the same position. My wife used it, and I had an account, that was it. Thanks for commenting

    1. Yes I wass shocked me, especially only 30 % have other social media accounts. Thanks for commenting Mark

  4. Great post! I have. Pinterest account and am guilty of not learning how to use it properly, these tips really help me out. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks April. I have had an account for ages, until recently didn’t realise its power

  5. Awesome post I’m sure to use Pinterest moving forward thanks to your post!!! Great value thank you!!!

    1. Thanks Mike for commenting, I am sure you will benefit

    1. Thanks Matt, it is definitely under used, and so simple to use

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