What to Know Before You Buy Home Business Opportunity Leads

How often do you run out of leads? When considering Home Business Opportunity Leads, it’s too easy to look at buying leads, But should you?

It’s logical to think that someone who has asked for information on home-based opportunities would want your information. but buying home based opportunity leads may not be all its cracked up to be.

Here are some thought on buying leads, based partially on experience, partially on what other leaders have experienced. These are all things I feel you should know before you spend money.

What is Home Business Opportunity Leads?

Home business opportunity leads are contacts you are buying from a company, often these are usually the emails and phone numbers of people who have shown an interest in a home based opportunity business. These leads can come from ALL kinds of places such as magazines, direct mail, radio, etc. but usually you can specify which region they are from.

Is this a good way for you to make contact?

On most occasions, I would say a definite no. However, some people will do well out of leads from companies. The advantages are obvious. You don’t have to wait, just pay your money and you have 100 people to phone. As with any prospecting, the more you contact the more chances you have of a Yes and it’s a great way to learn how to talk to people, by trial and error. But there are disadvantages, you need to invest a lot of time. If you have 100 leads to phone, it takes time. Many won’t be in when your phone, others won’t talk as you’re the 5th person to phone offering them an Opportunity plus you need the stamina to phone people and get told to go away (you may need 1 lead or 500 leads before recruiting 1 person).

When you have leads, how do I talk to them?

So let’s say you went ahead and bought some home-based opportunity leads, what now?

Contact Them

This is where people struggle, The phone suddenly seems like a monster, and picking it up a battle.

Don’t let this be you!

As Ray Higdon often says “Practice will make you the best. Practice beats talent.”

Discipline beats ability and talent. If you have purchased leads and it turns out they are rubbish, use them as practice with them!

home business opportunity leadsIn reality majority of the people have entered their information out of curiosity, just to learn a little about a home-based business, and what’s’ more, they more than likely have put their details into 10 or more different ads. What that means n reality is that some of those adverts will have been individuals, but most will be by big leads generation companies, who will sell each lead to 1 person for each home based business opportunity, but as there are many opportunities, that could mean each lead goes to 10 people. It doesn’t take a genius to work out if half the adverts are businesses getting leads to sell, then potentially that person, who is just curious, could get over 50 phone calls in a day or two. Would you want 50 people asking you the same questions?

Also never ask them “do you remember filling in your details on a home-based opportunity advert.” They will never remember, and it sounds salesman language

So how to talk to a lead, well don’t come across as a person selling, but talk to them, ask them about what they want, not what your selling. Don’t lead with the company, they may well have had 3 others phone from your company and they may think they know what it is.

Be conversational, ask them how you can help, what do they do know. Remember you are interviewing them, but not for the opportunity, but if they are the sort of people you could work with. If they aren’t answering your questions, just keep asking what company are you, you need to reply with something like “Look this may not be for you, but thanks for your time.” One of 3 things may happen, they may say “Just tell me what it is” (or something like that) or start answering your questions, or they may go. If it’s the second, then continue, if its the firsts or third then they probably would have been a nightmare to work with, and you would have wasted time with them, when you could have missed out a perfect team member, so get rid and forget them.

Do NOT call the lead and sound like a company or a salesperson, they will NOT want to talk to you and certainly don’t try to get them to remember where they entered their information at because they also won’t remember that.

HOME BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY LEADSThere is another way to get home business opportunity leads

The first thing to understand is people do business with people they trust and know. Trust isn’t something you can sell to someone, it takes time and effort.

There is something called Attraction Marketing. Attraction Marketing is where people come to you, they are attracted to you. I learned about attraction marketing from a few sources, firstly Ray Higdon, who is a major name in Network Marketing / MLM.  Now when I phone leads, they are happy to hear from me, you could say eagerly.

I would suggest anyone looking into buying leads at least look at this first.

Talking to home business opportunity leads I have purchased compared with people who have opted in to learn more about my business and about me, well let’s just say life becomes a lot easier.

If you liked “What to Know Before You Buy Home Business Opportunity Leads”. please do feel free to share with your teammates. Also If you have found “What to Know Before You Buy Home Business Opportunity Leads” of interested to yourself as well, please comment below, I appreciate you doing so, and I do read them personally. Thanks for reading this


24 comments on What to Know Before You Buy Home Business Opportunity Leads

  1. Great article and insight Alan! Thanks for sharing so much detail. Attraction marketing is certainly a very important strategy for home business owners and MLSP is the best training platform out there!

  2. I have definitely purchase leads and it was a waste of time and money. So glad I found MLSP! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, been there done that as well. The leads you buy are so tempting, but after a while of getting them, its obvious its not the route to take

    1. Thanks for saying that George, I feel the same about what you do, thanks for commenting

  3. Great post Alan, I think MLSP is definitely the answer. With purchased leads, you never know what to expect, it could just be a list of any names, and telephone numbers. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, and I agree totally, Thanks for commenting Keith

  4. Yup, I’ve purchased these leads in the past. Attraction marketing is a game changer and makes generating leads more effective and fun.

    1. Its certainly more effective, I feel its fun as well.. Thanks for commenting Algia

  5. A great post Alan and well explained . I’ve also brought leads through few places and there hit and miss some are bad but you can get some goods ones, the best way is to attract them and build rapport so you know how to help people .

    1. I agree Chris. Purchased leads are definitely hit and miss

  6. Thanks for sharing, Alan! Great advice and insight on purchasing and calling leads.

    1. I think those few words are so right, thanks for commenting

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