Creating a sense of Urgency With Your Leads

creating a sense of urgencyToday’s blog is all about creating a sense of urgency with your leads

This is one of the most important lessons to learn. There are two key elements that are used in sales Firstly and what is always the most important, is creating a sense of urgency.

The second is making people believe there is scarcity on what you have to offer. These 2 points are covered in every sales course, in one form or another. I am going to cover urgency for your network marketing company in this post, and how it’s done.

You need to understand emotions are what people buy, not logic. You may need a new car, but do you need a cd player? for it to be in red? to have a nice interior? No, but emotionally, you like to listen to music, you like red and prefer comfort.

Emotions are what drive people, not logic.

People are very reluctant to change. I’m sure you will agree how much easier it is to complain about how you hate your job, partner, life, car, etc than it is to actually change anything. After covering that, you need to understand that when talking to people to leads you need to incorporate more than logic when discussing your MLM opportunity with prospects.

First of all, you need to forget the idea that everyone you talk to knows all about your opportunity. The fact is most have no idea, also you need to remember, people buy for different reasons to you know that most, as discussed before, but based on emotion. When creating a sense of urgency, stirring up emotion can be the most powerful and surprising way to get people interested in your opportunity.

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20 comments on Creating a sense of Urgency With Your Leads

  1. Valuable post. People are looking for something to take them from their current situation into a better one. People do buy on emotion and sometimes emotion, if incorporating their “gut feeling”, can actually be better than logic… If we all listened to logic, we would just be like everyone else in the “system”… thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for that Keith, I do appreciate others point of view or thoughts. Good to hear you feel like me

  2. You are right, emotion plays a big role in how and why people buy things. A since of urgency can be a factor to push someone over the edge and decide to buy. However, false urgency will quickly be noticed too. Thanks for the reminders.

  3. Great advice, Urgency is key! Thank you Alan for the info 🙂

    1. Urgency certainly is the key, Thanks for commenting Claire

  4. Love this point “Emotions are what drive people, not logic.” It is true!!

  5. Great points made here Alan. People do buy with their emotions and don’t like to be sold to. Creating a sense of urgency is something that really works. We only have to put ourselves in their shoes to know how we would feel . Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great post Alan! Very few make a decision made from rational thought! The emotional connection is ultimately the key that unlocks the prospect. Great post to highlight that for others!

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