Can Introverts Work In Network Marketing

Can Introverts Be Successful In Network Marketing & Sales?  A big question.

I am a total introvert and struggled at times to talk to anyone. I find it easier to be alone, or with my immediate family …not being surrounded by people.

I have learned a number of things to help me become an extrovert when I need to. I have also learnt to use my Introverted side as a major strength. Introverts have several strengths that are extremely helpful in business. In fact there are tons of ways to use your personality as a strength instead of weakness. It doesn’t need to hold you back from becoming a top earner yourself.

What an Introvert?

Introverts are not what most people think. It’s not the same as shyness, ( which is about fear of other people and their judgments). Introverts recharge from being alone. Being around crowds and large groups can destroy their energy. An Introvert typically does really well with one on one situations,  but put them in a  crowd or large groups, deplete them. However extroverts feel energized or recharged by being in social settings.

So is network marketing suitable for an Introvert ?

Lots of successful people at Introverts, and that includes people in Network Marketing. Many of the top earners, up on stage are making it happen and aren’t extroverts. A successful introvert learns to bring out the ‘extroverted’ in them in social situations when they need to. The good news is that you don’t need to turn into an extrovert to be a top earner. All you need to learn is how to bring it out when need to.

An Introvert can be very good at building relationships

Introverts are not against forming relationships. They prefer a smaller quantity of people and higher quality connections. They can be better at building and maintaining a group of teammates. Building a business is all about relationships. We can turn this skill into a major asset that will work in a network marketing business.

Introverts are successful at events

The fact is we all have an extroverted side. Sometimes we need to learn how to tap into it. This isn’t because we don’t like being around people but we feel drained when with large groups. This is something that can be achieved with practice and has been done by many successful entrepreneurs.

Introverts are successful in building large teams

If you’re super introverted and you need some extroverts on your team, just recruit an extrovert. Network marketing is made up of all types of people and personalities. It’s what makes it flourish. Get an extrovert excited about your business, enrol them, and let them do their thing. The best thing about being an entrepreneur is that you can create your prospecting processes to fit you. If things drain you, you can put things in place in your business so you can feel comfortable.

Here are a few items you might find of benefit

Quiet – the power of Introverts in a world that cant stop talking

This is a great book. It’s the kind of book that you read and find yourself nodding along to, and then thinking about during the day, and then realising this example fits here and that situation is like that,

The Colours Personality Test

click here to find out about your personality, and also how to help other peoples personalities

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