Upline Issues And How To Solve Them

upline issuesUpline issues can be hard to solve

Do you feel alone in your Network Marketing MLM business? Stood on your own, looking at a huge business, and not knowing what to do? Does your upline not answer your calls? Perhaps our upline has disappeared?

Today’s post is all about when you just can’t connect with your upline, It could be they have left your networking company

So what is the upline definition, well simply an upline is someone who has recruited you to your network marketing / multi-level marketing company

The video covers some of the issues you may come across if you can’t get on with your upline.

What I would say is always looking for the right person to work with. It can make the difference of success and failure

  1. Look for a mentor
  2. Follow your company Training / YouTube / Blogs
  3. Focus on your effort

Look for a Mentor

If your Upline isn’t working for you, then look for someone who will help. A great place to connect is company events. Introduce yourself to others in your team. You might like to connect with your uplines upline. If your unsure who that is, contact your company, they will either forward your details to someone or pass you a number to phone. A mentor can also be from another company.

upline issuesFollow Your Company Training / YouTube / Blogs

Most companies have training, which is geared to your business. If you can’t connect directly with others in your business, this is a great way to learn. Also, YouTube has a video on just about every subject you could ever need. Blogs are great sources of information. Find one or two that seem full of good content, follow them and you will pick up more ways to run your business than maybe even your company training covers.

Focus on your Effort

One thing to consider is maybe you haven’t put in all the effort you could. Often a leader in our industry will step back, and see if you will do the work. If they have spent time training, and seen no results, it could be you are being left alone to see if you’re putting the word into action or wasting their time. A leader in our industry may well be starting 10 or more people and needs to put their time where people are active, not people promising to work. That’s why a common thing to do is leaving people alone, and see if they do as they have said.

Sometimes you might be bombarding them with calls, covering things they have already explained. Maybe sending emails will be better if you really don’t understand, and they haven’t the time to phone you, its an easy way for them to reply.

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20 comments on Upline Issues And How To Solve Them

  1. Good post Alan. We shouldn’t rely on our uplines for everything we do and should take responsibility for finding our way around. Finding a mentor as you suggest is key and attending as much training as we can to learn more.

  2. Thanks for this post Alan. Looking for a mentor is what solved all these problems for me. My upline is wonderful and I love her to death, but she was born in the 50’s and I was born in the 80’s. Our worlds are completely different. So seeking out someone who understood things the way I did really was a gamechanger.

    1. I can imagine that difference was hard, glad your on track now

  3. Awesome post Alan… Uplines should never be a challenge … always an asset..when it comes down to it… if it’s to be then it’s up to me…. thanks for sharing this.

  4. Great post Alan! Uplines should never be an issue! many successful home business owners didn’t have uplines to help them. Like Ron says “If its to be its upto me!”

  5. I’ve never had upline challenges. Kind of a lone soldier. Just tell me what to do and I want to go do it.

    1. Great philosophy, however a mentor can help you avoid mistakes, even if that is an online mentor. I’m Glad your fine, but others may benefit from the help

  6. Great post Alan!

    What struck out to me was how you have to always be plugged to the system. When you do and take action your mentor will show up 🙂

    Dr. Lisa

    1. Great point to make, and it always happens. Often the mentor comes from somewhere you wouldn’t expect

  7. Great information, I totally agree that it’s important to make connections within the company not just your upline and do the best you can until you find a perfect resource 😀

    1. Thanks Linda, you hit the nail o the head, Network Marketing / MLM isn’t about one person, its a team of people working together, and there will always be someone you can connect with

  8. It’s a fact that not everyone gets on in life, the solutions you offer are very well put together. Great suggestions Alan.

    1. Thanks Richard, being a leader yourself, and knowing you didn’t even have someone in the same country, it shows that your upline, mentor can live anywhere. I know you had Ray Higdon in the states, but to build a business at that distance, with a man who has hundreds to connect with daily, if he wanted, it shows that its also your own commitment that pulls a mentor to you, not just he has to.

  9. I agree with comments above that we should rely on upline everything because you won’t develop yourself and become a leader that you want to be but having a mentor is key when you do need a answer or help . Great video and post Alan

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