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How Long For Success

or to put it another way, how long should success take? Its a question often asked, and as such, I thought it easier to cover it in a video. Mostly you find the people who ask this are either new at business, or just considering it. I can understand why you may want to ask this. But when you do ask how long for success, you need to consider what success means for you.

For some success is an extra person buying something, to others its a holiday away, or it’s a healthy bank account.

Someone who is aiming for a lot more money, compared with someone after a few extra sales, well one will take longer than the other, with the same effort. The effort you put in would be different to a friend or a partner. So effort can mean different things to different people.

The unfortunate thing is that people, by nature, tend to stop just before success hits. See my post on homeostasis.
This s a natural occurrence. And can be a battle, however by setting small targets, you can make it easier to build your business. I am no different to you with this. I have thought about quitting many times. The difference I have worked on my targets in little lumps. It helps you progress in manageable amounts.

Someone I met once, a leader in Network Marketing, especially online, once said  “If you don’t want to quit at least 2 times a week, you aren’t working hard enough”

No matter how long for success, if you quit then, you are only quitting on your dreams, your family, your future and yourself.


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    1. Thanks Mrs Bean, don’t know why my face appears…

  1. Some real truths here Alan… most people I believe stop right before the success happens… thanks for sharing this

  2. Great Post Alan! I loved the advice of if you don’t feel like quitting at least 2 times a week, you’re not working hard enough.

  3. Excellent post! So many people want instant satisfaction and never what to work hard for it! Work hard and never give up and see what happens!!

  4. Great post Alan. The book “three feet from gold” springs to mind. You can’t give a time limit on success as you don’t know how hard the person is going to work at it. Thanks for sharing

  5. Many people stop when they are inches away from success. Or, as my friend Ray Higdon says “Many people don’t realize that their biggest breakthrough comes on the heels of their biggest breakdown”

    Dr. Lisa

    1. I think that’s how it happens for most people who make it in this industry

  6. Really enjoyed the post, like what you were told “If you don’t feel like quitting twice a week then you’re not working hard enough.”


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