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blog pagesWhen it comes to Blog Pages, some are more important

When I built my first blog, I didn’t realize a few important factors, which I am going to tell you now. These will change the design of some blogs, and increase the number of people who register with you. The first thing I want to add is although these will improve your blog pages and Blog, they are not a requirement, and you may find you are getting results without doing this.

For the past few years, I have had a blog (although only using this strategy in the past 6 months). When building my blog pages I have, quite rightly, focused my effort on the content of the blog pages, not the design. This is a good thing to do, to begin with. After this period, you should start to also focus on how the blog pages appear. What I mean is, if you look at my blog posts, there is a list, with the option to choose which blog post you want to read/watch, and how it looks (images and paragraphs etc.)

Blog Pages – the next step

Firstly about the most important blog pages – Home Page! I have to admit, I never had a Home Page, well until recently. Why? that easy, no one explained why I needed one. When I understood why all leaders have one, it seemed so simple. When people visit a website, they expect a home page. If they don’t see one, it gives them the impression it is not a professional site. If you came across someone’s site, and there was no feeling of them know what they were doing, you probably wouldn’t stay long. If they don’t stay long, they won’t register.

Ideas to follow for your home blog page

You need to have a clear message to the visitor understands the value they’re about to receive, that can be in the form of a video, or text. As you can see on our site, we chose video. You also need to have a clear call action, where the visitor can opt-in usually with some sort of incentive. As you will see, we use a very handy Facebook cheat sheet. If you haven’t got it yet, look up top, and click on the image.

blog-1027861_640The most important page

When it comes to blog pages, 9 times out of 10 this is going to be the page most visited, the About Me page. The most viewed Blog Page on your Blog and if it’s non-existent or not set up right….you’re missing loads of leads. People like to Snoop and they like to know who they’re going to be investing their time and money with. Just like on Facebook, we all like to find out about others. There are a few key things to include, have pictures of you and your family, just like Facebook, people like to know who they are talking to. Share your story and be open about how you became involved in your business.

You must think about attracting people to you. You need to show some sort of reason that people will want to learn more, and invest in you and your opportunity to share your journey. You must also share your qualifications and knowledge. This is how the visitor to your site is going to learn to trust in you. When people have learned to trust you, they naturally are more inclined to spend money with you. This trust that you are building with your visitor, is not to be taken lightly. As you have spent time creating their trust you have to make it your priority to keep it and build on it.

I would suggest a few steps, immediately after reading this post. Firstly click on the image at the top, where you can register and get a free Facebook Cheat Sheet. But also I would suggest opening a new tab and going right to your Blog. Check and make sure you have these 2 Blog Page ideas implemented and make sure you have an opt incorrectly set up.

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  1. Great post, Alan! I’ve been meaning to tweak my “About Me” page. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Thanks for the info Alan! Will be revisiting and working on some of the pages on my blog based on your recommendations.

  3. Great post will have to look at my site and adjust it now. Great advice. Thank you for sharing

  4. Great post. It’s very important that bloggers need those pages to create the relationship with their visitors that everyone is looking for online!

  5. Hi Alan,

    Very informative and helpful post. Great advice. Important information about our blogs.
    Thanks for sharing.

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