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reasons to blogReasons to Blog Are Different For Everyone

But the first thing to understand is that all the Top Income Earners Have Blogs. The reasons to blog fall into 3 main areas. There are more, but these are the main reasons you need to know. Their first reasons to blog were to use their blogs to send a message out to the market. Those reasons to blog were to train their team or to train the market on their Business Opportunity or Products. Whether knowingly or not, this was a genius move.


I have studied home business blogs for a long time, seeing hundreds of posts, and taking a number of courses to figure out the common threads when it came to putting it all together and what I noticed is that not all Blogs are created equal.

If you have a Home Business, your main reasons to blog are to probably related to generating leads for your business.  You can then use those leads into sales and new team members. When you get going with your blogging for your Home Business, it’s very important to keep that main goal in sight.

Reasons to Blog 1 – EXPOSURE!

Firstly, let’s cover how it works. The first step is to find out what your ideal customer is looking for. Most people use a free tool, Google keyword planner, to find words that fit that need. You take that word, then write a post about it. You solve their problem or recommend ways to sort it.

Perhaps give some training on a subject. You offer solutions which I going to be either our opportunity or selling one of your products.

Now over time, you have multiple blog posts with some of them ranking high on Google. People are looking for help, and find your post, offering a solution. They start reading more and more of your posts. While on your blog they can learn about you and if you set up your blog properly, you’re collecting the visitor’s contact information. This means you can follow these leads up.  Guess what, you’ve got exposure!

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  1. Being a blogger myself I totally agree with the points you have raised Alan. I can also highly recommend the 3 minute expert, having got it myself. Its an excellent course for anyone wanting to learn everything there is about blogging.

  2. Blogs can create you to be the instant authority in your prospects eyes. Exposure then come when they start to share your posts.

  3. Excellent post and great tips!! 3 Minute Expert is a must for any serious blogger! Great course!!

  4. Good reasons to blog, I also have 3 Minute Expert and boy, that course sure teaches some pretty cool stuff, especially on exposure as you pointed out Alan.

  5. Blogging is definitely the best way to add value to the market place, and also brand yourself as an authority. Great article.

  6. Great post and video! The 3 minute expert is a very valuable course for anyone looking to get started right with blogging no matter the niche! Thanks for this post Alan!

    1. Thanks Matt, I certainly find it an outstanding training

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