Reasons To Blog part 3

reasons to blogReasons to Blog part 3 – Expanding Outside of Your Warm Market

Hopefully, you have had a chance to look at the previous 2 posts, which covered Exposure and Credibility. This last post on reasons to blog is all about how a blog can expand your market. How many times has your list of people to talk to has been empty. With a blog, that can change dramatically.

Imagine you’ve created an advert. You pay Google to put it out there, and a few weeks later it ends and creates a lead or two. What then, you do the same task again and again. Each time it costs you more money. Now imagine you put an advert on the internet, and it was there forever, costing nothing, and being viewed by people who are your ideal candidates. Sound good? Well, that’s what a blog post does. You create a post and its there forever.

Reasons to blog can be varied, but being able to be in front of your ideal candidate, either now or in years time and only have to put the effort in once, well it must be worth looking in to. If you look back, you’ll understand how you can position yourself right in front of your perfect prospect.

If you put all these reasons to blog together you’ll start to really understand why I, and top leaders in this industry blog as a marketing strategy for a home business.

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20 comments on Reasons To Blog part 3

  1. Love blogging and it does take time. 90 Days – 120 of blogging will get you noticed and on the track to success. Thanks for the series.

  2. Blogging is a long term process…

    You have to work hard for 90 days or more to see consistent results…

    Thanks for sharing this

    Dr. Lisa

  3. Excellent post! I hated writing and since blogging I have begun to love it!! Yes, it takes time but nothing is created overnight. The success a simple blog post can have for years to come is amazing!

  4. Great post Alan! Blogging is really fantastic to make any business better. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I loved your series, really broke it down into some detail on why and how to keep going. I’ll bookmark this for reference, thanks so much Alan!

  6. Hi Alan,

    Great post. Blogging is a long term process and Blogging is so important to get your message out.
    Thanks for this info.

  7. Yes, blogging is a long term investment but it does pay off and you can make blogging fun to do as well . Just be yourself while doing it . Thanks Alan

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