Marketing Targeting for your Business

marketing targetingMarketing Targeting is the first step to success

When using marketing targeting strategies, you have to be aware of the three types of marketing targets. Failure to know you marketing targeting will cause a lack of success with your advertising

They are

COLD MARKET – These are people who have never had contact with you before. In fact, this is the most important category of people. This is what will become part of the following groups.

WARM MARKET – These are people who have been exposed to you, but are still considering if they can work with you or your opportunity. Maybe a better word is evaluating. This may be they have found your blog, and as such, have some experience of you, to someone who you have previously shown your opportunity to, or a product your marketing.

HOT MARKET – These are people who have already bought from you. This could mean they have bought into your opportunity, or a product your selling. Either way, they are a lot more likely to “buy” from you again. Let’s face it, if you visit a shop for the first time, you are more likely to go back if you have had a good experience.

Knowing your marketing targeting strategy, you must first know these are.

Once you know which area you are aiming at, you can focus further on your marketing targeting strategy. For example with a warm market, you may have set up your pixels on a blog, and simply focus on those.

I would suggest most people will focus their strategy on COLD MARKET.

You then need to decide on who is the ideal person to talk to.

Here are some Do Not use as targets

Stay at home Mothers – This is such a broad area to cover. It could be almost anyone, any background, and any desire

Heart Centre Entrepreneurs – What does this really mean? Its a phrase commonly used now, but what does it really mean, and is it someone specific

Like Minded People – Like minded doesn’t mean they are suitable for what?

You need to focus much more specifically. With most internet advertising, especially Facebook, you can choose the age, the hobbies of your prospect, what they follow and lots more. You can be very specific and still have millions of possible prospects.

What I’m trying to point out is that when you are aiming any marketing you need to know who it’s for. If you are creating an advert, and you don’t plan who it’s for, guess what, its likely to fail. You are aiming too generally, then it won’t interest anyone. If you are aiming it towards a specific type of person, it hits home more.

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  1. Great post Alan!

    The key to knowing your market is to be as specific as possible. This will help you get the best bang for your buck

    Dr. Lisa

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