Tomorrow Land and the 2 Wolves of Network Marketing

wolfToday is going to be a short story

This might make you think about your Network Marketing business. You may well have heard it, but I think its apt.

There were 2 wolves in a forest, who was destined to fight. One was dark and full of despair, and one was light and full of hope.

The day had finally arrived where they were going to fight. One was to lose, and one to win. But which one?

Isn’t this a question in MLM / Network Marketing we have regularly?

The difficulties we have, are they full of dark thoughts, blame, depression, and failure? Or do we find them full of hope, optimism and even inspiration to do more?

wolfMany people fail in Network Marketing because they cannot see the second side to problems. Many will be involved with more than a few before finally being successful. Its the same question put in a different way. The question comes back to which wolf are you.

Which one do you think wins?

Still, don’t know? Here is a clue. One of the things leaders often talk about is investing in yourself, through meetings, books, webinars etc.(by the way, one of the best webinars happens every week on a Wednesday for free, see the side of the post)

So here is the question again, 2 Wolves, one is dark and full of despair, one is light and full of hope. Which one wins

The answer is simple, the one you feed…..

I hope you enjoyed this little fun, not my normal style but thought it would be a nice way of thinking about things.

Where did I get this from, well a recent Disney film, Tomorrow Land with a film in which a world originally full of hope feeds the world with a pessimistic view of the future until someone realizes what you put in is what you get back. It just shows you, we give our children the encouragement, the world is theirs to grasp.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this different post, Tomorrow Land and the 2 wolves of Network Marketing. If you did, please share, like and comment.

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16 comments on Tomorrow Land and the 2 Wolves of Network Marketing

  1. Loving the story about the 2 wolves >>> Tomorrow Land and the 2 Wolves of Network Marketing >> thank you for sharing this with us !!~

  2. Great post Alan. That story is a great way to look at how we approach our business. Thanks for sharing.

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