YouTube Subscribe Button On You Videos – Why You Need It

YouTube subscribe buttonYouTube Subscribe Button

YouTube Subscribe Button is something you should have on all your videos. I am sure you have uploaded many videos to YouTube over the past months and years and hoped that people, after watching them, would then click the YouTube subscribe button near the description to your videos.  Sometimes people do, but let’s face it, often they will go to the next video.

This post is all about how you can get more subscribers to your YouTube channel with a very quick and simple addition.

Just like a blog, the YouTube subscribe button needs to be in people’s faces, to get the most subscribers you can. This is best done while people watch your video, not expecting them to go back to the description.

In the past the only way to do this was to add an icon to each video, using special codes and software. Now that’s not the case. It takes but a few moments to add this YouTube subscribe button to all your videos.

Simply follow the steps in this video, and in under 2 minutes, all your videos will have a YouTube subscribe button, and a way for people who are watching your video, to subscribe easily and quickly before they go to the next video.


I am going to create a few more of these simple steps to improve your blog, YouTube etc,

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22 comments on YouTube Subscribe Button On You Videos – Why You Need It

  1. Great post! I just started implementing this right after watching. Thank you so much!

  2. Great post!! The Youtube subscribe button it an excellent tool to implement on your channel! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Very timely post for me Alan, I’ve not got this enabled on my videos. Gonna have to pop in there and add it now.

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