Best Network Marketing Leads

How do you get the really good leads, that will shoot your business forward?

The first step you must consider is what and how are they looking for an opportunity. The best network marketing leads will not run to you, you need to search for them, and the simplest way to do this is what I call Fish Pond Training.



Imagine you wanted to catch a fish, in a really big lake. If you have 1 fishing pole, you might get a bite, but if you have 1000 poles in the same lake, your chances increase dramatically.

Those who know me realise I always say focus on one strategy for marketing, to begin with. That is true, but that doesn’t mean you can’t build on that when you have that mastered. This is when the fishpond training starts. You are getting a small flow of leads in, but not enough to build your business quickly, so put some more fishing poles in that lake.

Going back to thinking about what your offering from the point of someone looking. Lets assume for arguments sake, you decided to focus on adverts. You decide to place an advert for people on Christmas day, thinking people are sat about, they might look. Then you come to look what happened on Christmas day, and see that 100’s have looked but no one done anything. What were you doing on Christmas Day? Sat eating Christmas dinner, sat back in the afternoon playing with the remote, or laptop. You weren’t thinking what should I do to pay for Christmas, or improve my life, this time your would definitely not get the best network marketing leads, yet put the same advert out in the new year, when people are all focused on change, and the hits would be more likely to be from people seriously looking.

You need to focus on where these people are, and when. There are so many places offline and even more online to look.

The best offline places to look for the Best Network Marketing Leads

For example, is a place where many go to find groups for self improvement among many other things. Isn’t that something that you would do, Improve yourself ? You will find people who could do well in MLM in these.

Online you already know the places, its just where in them. Facebook is one I would suggest to get the best network marketing leads. Some important things here, do not use your company name within your profile name (facebook will eventually close your profile). Do a search for groups in your niche, so if its health drinks, search for people who like competitors product, or those looking to get fit. The options for search can give anyway to find prospects.

Google does have limits with search for what your looking for, whereas Bing has a more open door policy.  A clever way for paid advertising, is PPV. This can allow you to specify a URL that when someone clicks on, your add comes up. Imagine if that was the case when some of your competitors pages.


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