YouTube Associated Link – Danger Warning – Why You Want To Use It Now

youtube associated linkYouTube Associated Link

YouTube associated link is massively important when adding a link from a YouTube video to your website, you need to be aware of YouTube rules. If you add a link to YouTube, and its not a YouTube authorised link, you run the strong risk of losing that channel.

Part of YouTube rules state you may not promote people to leave the YouTube website. They do obviously realise that there are times you may wish to, so they have created a way you can do this, and not break their rules. Many people will add a link to their introduction, or ending of their video, but haven’t connected it with YouTube.These same people are then shocked when their channel disappears. Obviously you may think it could be for other reasons. But this is a major crime from YouTube’s point of view.


Imagine you didn’t link your website to your channel,

You had a blog with all the videos embedded in it, just think how you would feel if then you lost your channel….

Not only have you lost your channel, you have also lost months, if not years of embedded videos, which are then leaving broken links on your blog. That will mean that when google search does a search of your Blog, it finds this broken links, and downgrades your site.

The YouTube associated link is a simple way, and the only way, to make sure you don’t fall down on this simple issue.

Watch the video, and see how simple it is, with these step by step instructions on how to use the YouTube associated link . Don’t worry, this is easy to do.


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12 comments on YouTube Associated Link – Danger Warning – Why You Want To Use It Now

  1. You’re right Alan. There’s always a risk of losing a channel if an unauthorized linked is used. It’s frustrating to realize it’s too late before knowing it. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you for the post. I did not know that YouTube could shut you down for using the videos elsewhere. I am in the process of switching my site so this one I am working on is not associated. Will have to take care of it right away.

    1. Have you seen the other posts on YouTube Chris, you might find them helpful
      The link is in the bottom of the post

    1. Thanks Dr Lisa, It is often a shock what little things can shoot you in the foot, glad I could help

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