What are Leads in Sales Compared to Prospects ?

What are leads in salesWhat are Leads in sales compared to prospects ?

Before we start with what are leads in sales, I want to explain why I am covering this today. One thing that is often misunderstood is the difference of a lead and a prospect. If you look at any of the training we cover in this blog, or offer you in the training tab, you will soon realise there is a big difference.

Is there a difference ?

When asking this question, what are leads in sales , my reply is “do you mean leads or prospects?” – There is a vast difference

A prospect has no link to you, shown no interest in what you have to offer but you feel might be worth contacting.

A lead has shown interest, although the level may differ a lot. To some a lead is someone they know is aware of what they do, has requested more information ad is definitely looking for something like what you offer. To others a lead is someone that has shown some slight interest in something they do. This can be through a website asking do you need an extra income? This level of lead is fairly week. They have no idea what you have to offer, and may well have been looking out of curiosity, but maybe also out of boredom, while surfing the web.

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So when someone asks you, what is a lead in sales, you will understand that isn’t an easy answer.

You may wonder how you go from someone with barely showing any interest, to someone who is almost ready to buy off you, or join your company. Well there again are many methods, but one of the most effective is called attraction marketing.

Attraction marketing is where someone comes to you. I give a brief idea how this could work, on the video below.


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  1. Informative video, nice definition of leads, and I like how you distinguish them from prospects.

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