Top Earners In Network Marketing First Steps to Success

top earners in network marketingTop Earners in Network Marketing First Steps to Success

These are the first steps you need to do to build a large business. Last week Ray Higdon, one of the top earners and a great Leader in network marketing, wondered what he would need to do to build a large business, to earn 6 figures or more as soon as possible. He imagined what would happen if he had to stat from point zero, with just a laptop and $500. Lets face it, someone who is able to earn 7 figures plus is going to know, isn’t he.

After thinking on this, he came up with 10 steps, which in order, would build a 6 figure income as soon as possible. After listening to him, I thought it a good idea to relate this to yourself, along with other points leaders mentioned to me. As such this is a step by step process that is from  top earners in network marketing. Follow this to produce life changing incomes.

The first step is Vision

Many people look at their Why. Many industry led training focus on this, which is important. However to move business forward at the right rate, its maybe not the whole story. The video below explains in more detail

In the next post I will cover the next step you need to take if you want big success in network marketing.

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16 comments on Top Earners In Network Marketing First Steps to Success

  1. Great post and videos…. always with the great training Alan… thanks for sharing this with everyone.

  2. Good post Alan, vision is the one thing that will keep pulling you through the tough times. I always tell people that a vision is important that’s why all businesses have them, you’re in business so create a vision.

  3. Nice video on “vision”, ALan! Our vision will bring us to where we want to be. Without it, we don’t know where we’re heading. Let’s always create a great vision for our MLM. Thanks for sharing.

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