Why Top Leaders Invest In Education Step 3

top leadersTop Leaders always tell you to, but why?

In this step about the top leaders and why you need to invest in education,  I am going to explain what education you should invest in, and most importantly, why.

Have you ever thought education wasn’t needed? You’ve learnt the basics, your building a team, and yet the top earners still advise you to by education.There is so much free out there, why don’t you use that only? You feel they just want you to buy different courses.

What you may not realise is how much you could be missing out on. First you need to focus on the right education. Free education costs you. Why? The time you invest in it, the money you could have earned, and what if it doesn’t tell you all you need to know, but misses out some key points.

Watch the video below…


One thing I have learnt is to focus on one area. Learn one area, and excel at that before moving on. There are a few trainings I would suggest you look at, for blogging I would suggest 3 minute expert by Ray Higdon

I also suggest as a starting point of your reading a book by Al Schreiter, The Four Color personalities in MLM.

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10 comments on Why Top Leaders Invest In Education Step 3

  1. Excellent post Alan!

    We can’t go wrong by investing in ourselves.

  2. Great post and spot on! True leaders invest in education and teach others! What an awesome course 3 Minute Expert is, highly recommend it!

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