Easy LinkedIn Prospecting Tips You Always Wanted But Didn’t Know You Needed

Have you  ever thought about LinkedIn

Here I have put together my LinkedIn Prospecting Tips I think you will find helpful in your business. Today’s post is aimed to show you  how easy it can done. When considering ways to prospect for leads, by using LinkedIn for Recruiting you may shock yourself, but before I go down that route of explaining my LinkedIn prospecting tips, we need to cover some basics

LinkedIn Statistics

  1. There are over 350 million users on LinkedIn (107 million in the US)
  2. 40% of their users check LinkedIn daily
  3. There are 1.5 Million LinkedIn groups
  4. 1 out of 3 professionals on the planet are on LinkedIn


I used to think LinkedIn was just for Job Seekers

That’s what one of my Team mates once said to me. This is one thing that I am sure stops most Network Marketers from doing MLM prospecting activities on LinkedIn. Due to this belief, that all people on LinkedIn are seeking jobs, not entrepreneur opportunities.

The first thing to consider on this post on LinkedIn prospecting tips, is many of the top earners in any LM or Network Marketing company were once professionals in the corporate world. As you will have seen above, 1 out of every 3 professionals are on LinkedIn and there are a couple reasons why I feel using LinkedIn for recruiting professionals is a good idea. Before I get into my LinkedIn prospecting tips, here is a few points to consider

  1. Professionals are typically the most socially connected to other professionals and to higher quality people including business owners and influential people in the community. Simply put, you don’t need too many of these professionals in your team to build a serious sized business.
  2. What this also tends to mean is that these people are local,  and recruit locally which means easier to see face to face, and train and guide to success..
  3. Often it is a professional who has never done network marketing. They are in a very good situation, as when they go to their warm market, they can say “I’ve never come to you with this sort of thing before”. Im sure you will agree, a very persuasive line


Here is a few of the best LinkedIn Prospecting Tips I have.

  1. Profile is important – the line under your name is where you put key points of what your looking for, and to describe yourself, so if you are in network marketing, it could be something like Home Business Expert, if in health and wellness, perhaps fitness expert. You know what your company provides, just don’t aim on saying anything about the company.  Its always good, where possible, to give some proof. That’s not showing your latest cheque, its telling them something you have personally achieved in your business, no matter how small.
  2. Make sure you put your contact information in. You would be amazed how many don’t.
  3. Your summary is also important, showing who you are, and where you came from. Might even include a call to action. This is the second place people look at, after your name and first line.
  4. One of the biggest LinkedIn prospecting tips I have is when searching on LinkedIn should never be done through the search bar at the top. Although that may give you what your after, if you simply use the advanced options, you can narrow down who you want very quickly.
  5. If you do see someone you feel fits your needs, if not already connected with, click on connect. Once connected, then contact them, not before.

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10 comments on Easy LinkedIn Prospecting Tips You Always Wanted But Didn’t Know You Needed

  1. LinkedIn is for the professional business person, indeed! This article clearly defines a successful strategy for setting up your profile for success! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Alan great tips for LinkedIn! Yes, this is not a just job seeker website it is much more. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Hey Alan

    Thanks for sharing this post…

    So many marketers are leaving money on the table by not using LinkedIn as part of their marketing strategy…it is powerful.


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