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First Steps To Success social mediaSteps to success – Step 4

Steps to success covers many areas, but this is the first one where you have “work” to do. I know, I can hear you say FINALLY….  But without these steps to success, the vison, learning and connecting, you cannot make big money.

This step covers Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snap Chat, Instagram, Periscope and as many others as you can think of.

steps to success spoked wheelImagine a wheel, with spokes. In the centre is a hub, where it attaches to the car, bike or even a cart. On the outside of the wheel is the tyre, and connecting the tyre to the hub, is the spokes. The outside is what you want, the hub is you and to get you there, the spokes. Each spoke is a way of generating leads. These can be social media, they can be leaflet delivering. But without their support, you have no business, the wheel can’t move.

So what you need to do is firstly plane, then build your wheel. You have created your vision, your tyre. You have your hub, your training and back up from leaders. You are now building you spokes.

How do you do these next steps to success ?

You can look at some of my posts, which should guide you further.

Watch the video, It will explain more

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    1. From someone like you, that’s a real compliment, thanks

    1. Thanks Colin, I like to simplify how I explain things, as life shouldn’t be complicated

  1. Great post Alan!

    You must be a professor in order to be able to deliver such informative message with clarity and purpose. Thanks for the metaphor!

    1. Thanks for such a kind comment, its really appreciated

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