What to say when asked what is MLM or Network Marketing

What to say when asked: ” what is MLM business or Multi-Level Marketing ?”

When being asking what is MLM or Network Marketing business, the first thing is to fully understand is what MLM stands for.

It is Multi-Level Marketing, which refers to the system of business. It is also sometimes called Network Marketing, which is probably a better name for it as you build a network of clients and other marketers. In Essence, it is a way for someone to start their own home based business to create additional income without having a lot of start-up money.

Ray Higdon, one of the top earners in this industry, when asked what is MLM business, He says it this way “An MLM business is a way for you to have your own home based business without paying for product research, buying a ton of inventory, dealing with expensive software, paying a huge franchise fee, worrying about employees, or being stuck with trying to figure out your own marketing plan”

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