YouTube Audience and How To Engage With, A Step by Step Guide

YouTube Audience

YouTube audience – Engaging for youtube steps, Success YouTube audience and How to engage is often one of the hardest subjects, especially with a YouTube audience. You may have uploaded many videos over the years. However  YouTube engagement can be extremely difficult. There are many different ways to connect with people, but its a problem on […]

YouTube Subscribe Button On You Videos – Why You Need It

YouTube subscribe button

YouTube Subscribe Button YouTube Subscribe Button is something you should have on all your videos. I am sure you have uploaded many videos to YouTube over the past months and years and hoped that people, after watching them, would then click the YouTube subscribe button near the description to your videos.  Sometimes people do, but let’s […]

Reasons To Blog part 3

reasons to blog

Reasons to Blog part 3 – Expanding Outside of Your Warm Market Hopefully, you have had a chance to look at the previous 2 posts, which covered Exposure and Credibility. This last post on reasons to blog is all about how a blog can expand your market. How many times has your list of people to […]

Reasons to Blog part 2

Reasons to Blog

Reasons to blog, part two is all about Credibility Hopefully, you have had a chance to look at my previous blog on reasons to blog, which covered exposure. I would suggest having a look at it if you haven’t already. So let’s start by looking at the reasons to blog part 2, credibility, and why […]

Reasons to Blog

reasons to blog

Reasons to Blog Are Different For Everyone But the first thing to understand is that all the Top Income Earners Have Blogs. The reasons to blog fall into 3 main areas. There are more, but these are the main reasons you need to know. Their first reasons to blog were to use their blogs to send a message […]

Blog Pages – What Are The Most Important

blog pages

When it comes to Blog Pages, some are more important When I built my first blog, I didn’t realize a few important factors, which I am going to tell you now. These will change the design of some blogs, and increase the number of people who register with you. The first thing I want to […]

How Long For Success & Desired Lifestyle

How Long For Success or to put it another way, how long should success take? Its a question often asked, and as such, I thought it easier to cover it in a video. Mostly you find the people who ask this are either new at business, or just considering it. I can understand why you […]

MLM Business, What Is It And Why Do It

MLM Business

MLM Business – what are the practical differences between Traditional and a MLM Business The best way to understand what is an MLM business is all about is to cover the basics of any business and show you where it differs The biggest problem of traditional business is often considered the benefit of a traditional business. Traditional business is thought of as […]

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