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Reasons To Blog part 3

reasons to blog

Reasons to Blog part 3 – Expanding Outside of Your Warm Market Hopefully, you have had a chance to look at the previous 2 posts, which covered Exposure and Credibility. This last post on reasons to blog is all about how a blog can expand your market. How many times has your list of people to […]

Reasons to Blog part 2

Reasons to Blog

Reasons to blog, part two is all about Credibility Hopefully, you have had a chance to look at my previous blog on reasons to blog, which covered exposure. I would suggest having a look at it if you haven’t already. So let’s start by looking at the reasons to blog part 2, credibility, and why […]

Reasons to Blog

reasons to blog

Reasons to Blog Are Different For Everyone But the first thing to understand is that all the Top Income Earners Have Blogs. The reasons to blog fall into 3 main areas. There are more, but these are the main reasons you need to know. Their first reasons to blog were to use their blogs to send a message […]

Blog Pages – What Are The Most Important

blog pages

When it comes to Blog Pages, some are more important When I built my first blog, I didn’t realize a few important factors, which I am going to tell you now. These will change the design of some blogs, and increase the number of people who register with you. The first thing I want to […]

Why You Need A Blog Today

Why you need a blog for your business If you use social media for your business, you’ve probably wondered where you should spend the majority of your social media time. Twitter? Facebook? Pinterest? The answer is simple, none of them. You need to stop spending hours out of your week on the likes of Twitter and […]

OPT-IN – What you need in your blog to build your business

Opt-In This post is not about content, but about how to get people to connect/subscribe or opt-in to connecting with you Sure, you need good content and lots of it, but that will not get people to connect with you. People can visit your site, then leave and never find you again. If you do a Google or […]

Blog Content – Build Unlimited Blog Content

Blog Content – How and where to get it One of the biggest problems people face with building a blog is what to say. It can be the stumbling block that stops people going further in their MLM Network Marketing business. There are a few ways to grow your blog, but the simplest one is […]

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