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What Does Prospecting Mean For You In Todays Market

So what does prospecting mean in today’s market place? As the market place is today, prospecting has become more and more important, but so has attraction marketing, as opposed to in your face, newspaper and TV advertisements.¬†Prospecting for new customers, especially in internet-based businesses, has become in some ways easier, because of social media, and […]

Best in MLM – 7 Top Tips To Recruit The Best Today

Best in MLM – How to recruit them Today We all would like to have the top people in MLM to be in our team, and sometimes you will come across them, however, there are right ways and wrong ways of dealing with them. Making a simple mistake may lose you hundreds of thousands in […]

Facebook Recruiting – What you should never do

Facebook Recruiting tips These are¬†often aimed at what you should do, whereas it’s often as important to know what not to do Do not send links out When you send links out to prospects, without some basic points, which I am about to cover, you allow your prospect to do a number of things. They […]

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