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What Does Prospecting Mean For You In Todays Market

So what does prospecting mean in today’s market place? As the market place is today, prospecting has become more and more important, but so has attraction marketing, as opposed to in your face, newspaper and TV advertisements. Prospecting for new customers, especially in internet-based businesses, has become in some ways easier, because of social media, and […]

Starting MLM / Network Marketing – 4 Steps to Success

Starting MLM / Network Marketing can be simple or hard. If you follow these simple steps, you will be on the road to success Step 1   Your Facebook account You probably have a profile on Facebook. Many people make their first mistake here. They use it for business…  This is a major error. Facebook is […]

Network Marketing Videos – how to make them work for you

Network Marketing Videos – Tips to make them work for you This blog is really a follow on to the MLM videos post, and to talk it a little further on building these videos. Network Marketing videos and posts are there for 2 reasons, firstly to inform and secondly, to produce a connection between you […]

OPT-IN – What you need in your blog to build your business

Opt-In This post is not about content, but about how to get people to connect/subscribe or opt-in to connecting with you Sure, you need good content and lots of it, but that will not get people to connect with you. People can visit your site, then leave and never find you again. If you do a Google or […]

The Rules Of Attraction in MLM

Be Amazing – The rules of attraction One of the key things to build a business is one of my personal rules. It is a simple truth, but one people forget, and that is the more people FEEL GOOD about themselves when with you, the more likely they will want to spend quality time with […]

Affiliate Marketing – Why you need it

Affiliate Marketing – why you need to do it First of all, let me explain what affiliate marketing is, for those who have never heard of it. Affiliate Marketing is where you are able to sell someone else’s’ product or service, which is often related to what you do (although it doesn’t have to) and […]

3 FREE Internet Marketing Ideas

There are many ways to market your business, these are what I feel are the best internet marketing ways I know of Build your audience by blogging. This is totally free internet marketing It has an added advantage of being able to produce your own brand. You should never advertise yourself on Facebook or and Blog as […]

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