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Positive Attitude – 3 Steps to having life you want

3 Steps to Having a Positive Attitude Have you ever gone through times where you get down due to circumstances beyond your control? Well, you should not allow that to happen, at least not for very long! This article is to help condition your mind to be more positive and to no longer allow forces […]

Motivation – what to do when you lose yours?

Motivation is the key to working your business From time to time we lose that motivation, especially when your working from home, sat on your own, and possibly only seeing people once or twice a year at a company event. So what do you do? It isn’t unusual to find that occasionally you just feel […]

Goals – How Your Goals Are Just like Pulp Fiction

Goals in Network Marketing I’ve been sat watching Pulp Fiction, and as I was watching it, one thing struck me. The Characters played by John Travolta (Vincent) and Samuel L Jackson (Jules) are sent to collect a briefcase. In it, all you see is a golden light, never what is in the case. You assume what it is, but […]

Sacrifice – Network Marketing Tips

With every success comes some sacrifice. If you want to succeed BIG in MLM / Network marketing there are a few things you need. These network marketing tips are here to help you in the right direction, from the start or when you’re not getting the results you want. Often network marketing tips are all […]


Its the attitude to succeed that you need Many people set off into a “real” business committing their life savings, taking loans out, and working 24/7 for a week, maybe months, before they see their first customer. Their attitude does or die. Once set on a course, they have to finish. They have premises to […]

Back to the Future in Network Marketing / MLM

Back to the Future – What would Marty Mcfly think of 2016? I was watching all 3 Back to the Future films on Wednesday. After watching them I thought about writing my blog, and something jumped into my mind. What would you think if you could see your future? We all have dreams, the big […]

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