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Business Instagram Tips You Should Be Using Today

These Business Instagram Tips will change your business. Instagram tips for small business / Network Marketing usually fall into 2 areas, You will usually see Instagram tips for more followers or Instagram tips for beginners. These both miss out on some very important aspects, which I intend to pass onto you now.

Facebook Recruiting – What you should never do

Facebook Recruiting tips These are often aimed at what you should do, whereas it’s often as important to know what not to do Do not send links out When you send links out to prospects, without some basic points, which I am about to cover, you allow your prospect to do a number of things. They […]

Livestream for Facebook – A Review

Livestream from Facebook – is it competition for Periscope? Facebook has been planning, over the past few years, to develop a one-stop place for all your social media requirements. The latest addition, Livestream, was added to this. It was launched in August 2015, but only for celebrities. As of December 3rd, 2015, Livestream was made available to […]

Top 5 Tips to improve your Facebook Fanpage

  ARE YOU ON FACEBOOK? When you’re in business, the first rule with Facebook is to have a Fan page. The reason for this is simple if Facebook sees you’re a business, ie posting business related items on your profile pages, they will close your account. So what should you do, and just importantly, what […]

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