Network Marketing ?

What is Network Marketing?



Earning by doing something you already do

Let me start by telling you a story

A friend is going to get a new pair of shoes because her heel is broken. She goes to the shoe shop, and after 15 minutes says to me, I can’t buy shoes without knowing it will match my bag. The store clerk says there is a great bag shop just a little down the street. We go to the shop, and spend another 15 minutes, when she says, well I can’t get a bag, unless it matches my coat. The store clerk at the bag shop suggests a great coat shop down the street. After an hour in this shop, she says, well the coat has to match my dress. After a brief chat, the clerk suggests another shop. By now I’m starving. I ask the clerk where the healthy food shop is, the local donut shop. We then go there. Each clerk has suggested somewhere to shop, and only the donut shop has made money. 

We advise people on all sorts of things every day, from what’s on TV, to which hotel we liked on holiday.

Why not get paid for it?

That’s Network Marketing. You are using a Network of people to find or market products/services to people.

Now the Tech Bits

With Network Marketing you are working with a company that has already done the heavy lifting and opened up your business.

network marketing

Network marketing is sometimes called MLM (Multi Level Marketing) and Direct Sales. Network Marketing is a business model that depends upon a network of independent representatives or IBO’s (Independent Business Owners) for growth.

Each IBO or Rep is a self-employed person, who use this proven business structure to build their own business. It is a selling method that features these business agents to build a distribution network for goods and services.

Some network marketing systems are based on tiers that denote how many levels deep a sales and distribution network goes. In two-tier or multi-tier examples, the people that make up the top tier of a distribution network are also encouraged to build and manage their own networks of salespeople. Each network creator then earns a commission on their personal businesses revenue. This is as well as on the sales revenue of the network they have created, otherwise known as “downline.”

Let Me Explain

Imagine you are the CEO of a large international company. You pay for advertising for the company. You also have to pay staff training as well as purchase of new outlets.

In a Network Marketing company you own your business. The company your with isn’t paying for recruitment, advertising and training. You are doing that for them. So they pay you for your efforts in doing this by a commission payment to you, for the business you have built. Also for the extra revenue, you have created by introducing and training others to do the same.

The more successful you and your team are, the more you earn. However if you don’t have time to work hard, or just don’t want to, but one of your team decides to work hard at the business. They recruit more people, sell more items and generally put more effort in. Maybe your working part time and they have put in full time hours, or maybe they are just better at it than you. As you would expect, they will get paid more. After all they have worked hard, they deserve the large income.

What is the facts about Network Marketing

According to Direct Selling News: “In all, the global direct selling industry is sized at over $132 billion in estimated retail sales, generated by over 87 million individual direct sellers around the world.

Asia Pacific is by far the largest region for direct selling in the world, followed by North America. Latin America and Europe/Africa make up the final regions accounted for in the report. Recent research shows that individual direct sellers in 21 countries in the world generate 90 percent of the world’s direct sales. Each of these countries generates in excess of $1 billion in direct sales per year.”

Why Should you do Network Marketing ?

You are harnessing yourself to one of the most powerful and fastest growing industries in the world.  – Network Marketing.

The results are in on this industry that has created more millionaires than any other industry in the world. Likewise, it could be said that it has also created more failures. That is why it is important that when you are looking at a company to represent. Make sure that they have systems in place and the training support of the top producing income earners.

Of course, find a product or service that you can stand behind and that has mass appeal. Once you’ve found the company that’s right for you, jump on board. Make sure to take massive action and lock your place in the growing Direct Sales economy.