FREE Recruiting Script

The following is a simple, step by step script  / system to help you recruit

I’m about to share with you some of the most powerful scripts that have worked time and time again

They will only work if you throw your salesman or woman hat out the window!

The magic in these scripts comes from the authenticity in your personality.

I encourage you to edit these scripts to make them sound like YOU.

Use words that you normally use.

If you just copy and paste someone else’s scripts, you run the risk of sounding weird or atleast unauthentic, making the whole process break down.

Change up the words a little to match your own personality, not mine!

When using Social Media there are 3 different types of people that you’re going to be

prospecting and showing your business to.

Firstly your warm market, the people you know

These are people that you’ve randomly become friends face to face and social media.

Secondly those I would class as luke warm market, Social Media says you’re friends, but lets face it, you only know them from their profile, and the persona they put out on it – you dont really understand them, or reall know them.

Finally is your cold market, The people you have never met or connected with in any way. For some strange reason, many feel these are you best prospects.

The fact is these Scripts will work for anyone, with a little adjustment!

This is a 3 Message Formula and you have to do it right for it to work.

Please do understand that no business deals, that are really successful are ever done over social media messaging but can be done using a phone call or on a skype call. People need to connect with someone to wrk with them. They need the personal element

Message 1 is to strike up the conversation. NOT TO SELL OR SEND A LINK – it just gives the impression of desperation.

Message 1 The aim is to get them to want them to talk to you but to get there, you need to go through a simple system. The first step is never and I mean never go further than the first message until you get a reply. You will be wasting your time (by the way, Serena is one of our daughters’ names)

“ Hi Serena, I just realised we have been friends on Facebook for some time, and havent really chatted. Your profile says your in Leeds, is that still the case?”

Use their about section to find out where they are, or perhaps if you notice something they like you could re word it like

“Hi Serena, I just realised we have been friends on Facebook for sometime, and havent really chatted. Your profile says your into photography, something I enjoy. Your profile says your in Leeds, is that still the case?”

If you know someone, personalise it, if not see f there is anything on their profile you could comment on.

As I said, Don’t send message 2 until you get a response, but if they dont reply, don’t send message 2

Message 2 is to get them to ask you for information, not push it on them.

“Serena thats great. I have visited Leeds a few times. I was really hoping you still lived there as I have a business that I am expanding and I am networking round there. Would you know of anyone that might be open to a side income project, that doesn’t interfere with what they are currently doing?”

Why am I not asking them directly if they might be interested? Because people don’t want to be sold something. Their barriers come up, just as you do when someone contacts you asking if you need double glazing.

You need to wait for the response, and again do not send message 3 until you get the reply

Now there are many replies you may get,

If they ask “what is it?” you go to message 3

If they say, “No I don’t” then say if they “think of anyone in the future, do message me” then thank them and leave it there

If they say “yes I do, me” then move to message 3

If they say “I might, tell me more” then move to message 3

Basically anything positive, move to the next message

Message 3 is simply to get the on the phone or SKYPE.

That’s great, To explain it fully I have some information for you to see. When are you free for 15 minutes, when you can be sat next to your computer so I can show a little about it, When are you free?”

you are getting them to be an appointment, so they are more likely to be there

“so if I call you on Thursday at  you will be there for sure”

getting them to confirm it

“Ok, I wll phone you at 8pm on Thursday, OK?”

Third confirmation

If they arent there, message them at go through message 3 again, re arrange as many times as it takes. By getting them to choose a time, they are more likely to be there, but you will still find some that take a few times before they are on the phone. Just keep going until they do. A busy person might be at the other end, the person you really need in your team.

Then you can speak to the prospect

The first thing you should say after showing them the video or material you have, is

“What did you like best?”

This gets them thinking about the positives…..

By getting them to talk to you, you have a much better chance to build the rapport, get to know them a bit better and more to sign them up